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i need to make a shit post

2015-08-23 03:30:42 by madyellow

edit: white slimy blood

don't have that much to talk about nothing that great about me im still alive i think. making a shit sprite sheet for madness day im not making a madness animation i cant be stuffed C;

-_- when its madness day ill give out the sprite pack


though that im really doing nothing that will change because i have my own plains like going to a animation course cant wait to bloody start and im going to save up for a alien ware lapy ohh yeah $2000 down the drain as well as the money getting me into the animation course lucky i saved enough but i could of used my money on stripers  XD i was only joking

oh and i made this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ


some shit madness tests i made for those plus head ass holes

sup, shits...

2015-06-08 09:40:27 by madyellow

well recently i dropped out of school to go to a place called tafe. a lot more easy work since you have very basic shit to learn, for this year ill have to do this basic course since i dropped out of school. and now i dont really have that much people to talk to because of that. so now i have less friends to talk to, because of my self being alone, not wanting to socialise with people that much any more..... i really need to lay off the hentai. one of the reasons why I’m not posting that much, because most people from newgrounds don’t give a shit about me. and from being a total faggot, and i really have real bad social skills in general i wish i had more experience. i'm working on a madness collab thing, with lost interest in madness combat projects. nothing has happened over the passed time that i haven't posted anything for the last months. only quitting with most projects. so no more madness devastation, it's a shit animation not even smooth, thats what she said. made this back in late 2013, so no madness projects. i am now making just shit tests, hope you enjoy the crap loads of my dung!

well shitt...... 

wtf is this, spam?


it shit ass easter again!!

2015-04-05 07:19:03 by madyellow

happy shit easter faggots ;)

fucking make your self sick of choclate eggs as thats whats happned to me


I'm actually posting

2015-03-15 02:11:47 by madyellow

i haven't made a post in a long time. so to say im still alive well sort of. im getting alot done on that shit madness animation for md15. well i need to work hard or this madness day will be shit as the last one was with not many uploads der was less of that. this time ill not fail you guys again.


instead of me going to school i'm heading off to a thing called tafe. instead of learning other subjects i'm just learning one that's literacy for this year. then on to multimedia thats going to be fucking easy thats because i spend my whole life on a computer. 

wow i need to stop having late nights. some times i dont even sleep l'etalon i'm going to school as well. and remember to look at the new tests i made. i've created a lot so yeah do enjoy them all.

"what's outside never heard of it!"

showing off time…. 'yey'

2015-02-14 12:37:56 by madyellow




 { }

{ i'm probably not going to work on any more on this i would if it wasn't 4am in the morning >8J }

"its just a test"


pixel quake *vore* enemy

2015-01-30 05:12:40 by madyellow

even more good news it's here the new microphone has arrived 8DD *uaahhhhgHGG!!!!!!!!!*4256963_142261648273_IMG_3983.jpg



mmmm the evil


whats a good tile name. who knows >:D

2015-01-28 10:37:33 by madyellow

i havent made a post in a long time so its time....


some tests

NEw ;33333333333333

because its back to fucken school ive gotten back into drawing on paper and i make a lot of skechers i basically use one paper a day well some times because i dont have any friends at the school that im at so reeses and launchers i draw all by my self +plus its a fucking christian school they believe in god n stuff so what i was thinking is i would to show you guys some of my works im not sure how its going to work but ill try :D

apart from that madness devastation is getting der i just need more motivation!! so i can continue with it because its not going any where with about me with some inspiration


i found out kitty0706 died <;c we will all miss you........

some tests for you swf lovers >:D

2015-01-19 19:04:31 by madyellow

dikzaps si ym etirovaf rotamina

new <---this ones old k---<

dev update


yum yum

2015-01-17 05:31:44 by madyellow

4256963_142149063281_ScreenShot2015-01-17at8.59.54PM.pnglook at dar pain mmmm!!!!...........MMM!!!!!!.... /update/

i better post….. well something

2015-01-15 14:25:04 by madyellow

i fill like im a fucking cave man because i haven't grown out side for about 5 days i kn0w it's pretty bad one of the other thing is i'm taking some tablets because of low vitamin D deficiency because as i said before i don't go out side that much any more so i had some blood tests done that was not fun but no pain for some reason

and ill talk about madness devastation yeah it's getting there at the start of the animation its very fast and not that very smooth thats what she said but now my level of animating madness combat has gotten alot better so do expect some style changes throughout the animation i have a long way to go and as well i had to cut a scene out in madness devastation because on how shit that was and i'll probably have to make a madness devastation 1.5 and in this one it will show you how this all started if i have a chance to make that because i have other arrangements i want to get more of that stuff done for the doom project that i was working on and that has been going on for about a year wow a hole year fucken gg yellow ;3


on steam ive been going on this group chat with some boring people >:3 hehehe and yeah not telling on what the group chat is ill tell yeah this its very boring im just saying this because i want to any dem by writing this because i think theres one that has an account on ng not telling but butts >:D hahaha. and + = fuck..... and + i had nothing to do k so i made this post and tell you on whats going on and fucking schools back my shity christian school can suck my dick and every one in the school >:(


yeh and sorry if theres any spelling errors because this was a quick post k

by the way i made this like at 6am with about any sleep k