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2014-07-19 12:56:56 by madyellow

well you guys can call me the yellow bot >:D yer happy robo day


2014-07-17 11:48:32 by madyellow

im going to avcon tomorrow its going to be fucking epic wooow

its time to go live

2014-07-16 21:48:59 by madyellow I'm making a livestream so come

info on whats happening

2014-07-15 00:39:19 by madyellow

yer in like a mouths time ill hoprfully have a tablet. heres a link to the tablet im getting,3253,l=291665&a=291665&po=1,00.asp

ive had a try of an tablet the one i tried out i dont know what that one was called but that one was a very big tablet. after that ill start to show you guys my for potential for me using a tablet and there will be more things i can do like make art with tabblet,animate blah blah that kind of stuff. hopefully you get my point. in this week ill be making a livestream ill be ainamting the unusual madness copyingbat. something i really need to work on is that fucking script write up ive Totally forgotten about that. ''oh shit''.   ''!!!oops ;3''


yep maken some madness tests and some fbf tests


hay o people something newww!

2014-07-06 21:35:23 by madyellow

well i went to a livestream you probably know this guy spaz made a live stream it was very fun. i got to talk to a lot of people from NG even some famous ones probably. well there were a lot of shout outs i had about three haha. lets take about some other stuff well im trying to improve on my posts that i make and pick more high order words. sounds weird right. and not only that still practising my frame by frame skills. know as you know there will not be that much content from me because im working on my frame by frame skills. if i get better well if ive got somebody to help me out or something that would be cool. but i dont thing that i can get any help because not that many people know me from NG.

ok ok lets talk about something i want to make for this year. one making a comedy act animation (18+). two my dream project this is the only thing im going to announce about this project maybe the project will be a series but i dont know really its still in development in my brain lolz


new fbf test

heres a fbf test

heres a madness test

new sprites (girl) HEHEHEHE

2014-07-05 05:14:20 by madyellow

hahah what do we have here MMMM!M!MM!M!M!M!!!!!!!! looks like i made some girl madness sprites fucking sexy ill need to work on the boobs the soft and milky thats how i like em eheheh >:)



yer ill need some sleep because ive had no sleep this week and im feeling very sick i cant think properly and i have bloody shot eyes and i look high from that. cant really speak that much dont even know how im bloody writing this to you guys 

im getting some support with making the frame by frame shit im making some {mc}collab parts for just if im in one so when i just join one i can just give them the fla. lol

yer aah i need sleep lots befor i have a nerves Break down iv had one at school its no fun trust me


2014-07-05 00:54:47 by madyellow


when i speak shit comes out

2014-07-02 22:45:20 by madyellow

ok if you look in the forurms/animations youll get to read me craping spelling and such on that what you read from me form 1 hour ago youll mite understand why im not making any projects know if you look at that info thing on the forurms/animations page

lets be stupid

oops! hehehehehehehehe well i leaned something today >:D



2014-06-30 03:00:09 by madyellow


here have a look at this test im getting getting some help from some people and im looking up Tutorials on youtube thanks to thoughts that made the Tutorials on youtube sorry about this test i had to make it hehehehe 

i made this other one its just a ball with shades thats all

 good news its the holidays i have three weeks off hell yer



madness combat

im not going to just die off ill still make some stuff but im not going to make projects sadly <:C


doom project ??!?!?/!?//11/1//1??!?!?!?

i dont know what to do with the doom project maybe i should leave that for next time its proboly dead but know im working on something other i really want to do for hours on end for sadly thats dead yer ill say its dead <:(




there we go 90 fans 10 more to go guys 

me need some help with something

2014-06-28 20:59:33 by madyellow

how do you start a frame by frame animation and guys could you put in the comments link me to some tutorials.       i dont want to animate madness combat for the rest of the time im here on newgrounds. some people need to change well im still going to animate madness. this will effect my future on how i animate cartooning stuff.

support the madyellow guy


NEW  :



oh one more thing i made this madness combaat computer thingy : rate it