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im so evil

2014-08-30 20:31:04 by madyellow

4256963_140947931971_ScreenShot2014-08-31at7.31.28PM.pngDEEAAATHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOODDDDD HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Madness Project Nexus 2 Kickstarter

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Krinkels'N'swain what ever the cost



18%done devastation 



im i pro ohh what

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good news every one

2014-08-22 22:27:49 by madyellow

welll im starting to redo madness devastation omg this time its going to be very different i had some insperation to make a start on it again but because madness day is coming ill have to wait for the next madness day but yer im getting alot done so far im on frame 500 and something its like 11am soo that gives me lots of time to spare today and tomorrow


im working on the collab part two for GrabeL and then that will do i think heres a pic on what im doing





because im stupid i want to do something that will annoy the shit out of some people >:D

───▄▄██▌█ girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl girl -▐
heheheehehe 8) yers im eyeing them off 

other news madness nexus two has two more days to go ill update this tomorrow when its one more day k
4256963_140881759473_gd.jpg---------------------------------------------------------------------------ONE DAY--------------------------------------------------------------------

i had a wry neck so i had to have time off from school lets say three days off because off how bad my nech was im better know and i still have that fucking wart on my foot

more'ah news for da people

2014-08-18 15:15:58 by madyellow

cryono your one of a kind that makes fucking awsome music and i didn't forget about cheshyre. the guy that created this new style of music "since 2004-2014" man you bloody rock >:)

madness day is coming so what you guys maken tell me below well because of my laziness i've failed badly to make nothing for thiz madness day sorry guys <:C ill try next year this time im going to redo the dev project

in other news myy ass hahaha jokes ok ok lets get back onto topic of some sort im still working on that madness collab scene. one part 95% done. well i should get started on my next part well im not saying anything about that but this will 




i just made three fucked up heads have a look



sorry about if theres any spelling errors


2014-08-16 07:26:09 by madyellow

 livestream: ohhh yeerrrrrr letsss do this

happy clock day

2014-08-15 08:14:53 by madyellow


super girl ass slaping power

2014-08-10 04:37:08 by madyellow

that collab scene's neally finished know i just have to do the feet and then im done i made a steam group i want you guys to join it k as in all of you guys join the group


ather thing this is very importent that what i have to say to you guys know there are no [up cumming/up comming] things that im making sadly so what you guy want me to do create something for next madness day orrr make an fbf animation but for the fbf animation in need lots of suport if i make something like that

and i found this really funny thing

OH MYY!!! >:D

2014-08-04 03:13:54 by madyellow

im in a madness collab/collabaration fuck yahh. as im finishing that collab part off you can see the pic of that scean down below. i found something really cool its from a very old madness animation. well i found some sprites with that animation i converted the swf into a flash file. im going to animate with some of the characters from that animation im not going to give the sprites to anybody. its a secret to not reveal the sprites that im using so you just have to wait and see :3.


well i have this thing on my foot known as a plater wart this guy can explainwhat that is other thing that ive been watchen the dbz episodes while im at home in pain lol