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2012-10-27 03:14:00 by madyellow
Updated ed5147f698064d9254ba COLLAB 3fc39c41d1136f6096d8 COLLAB

i have boderlands 2 this is my name for xbox CarsickHurdle13 i need help with killing terramorphous boss

if im in the collab im working on this 8de88dce744ebb00d402

devastation will have to whate for a while

2012-10-16 17:05:45 by madyellow

juanford66 can i join the COLLAB please please

so i want to get better at animating first
but im making some big big tests
and then guys tell me if im reddy to make a redo of devastation 778040508b621e9cee88
very very old this is 2009 that how old it is and some test 21c7c8e48ea72b74f27c ad79416c1d855f24edd4 b3c4aab555727b14aa38 i snaped my fingers get it hahahaahhaaha

the devastation project is on the way

2012-10-09 03:21:15 by madyellow

so im making a project could madness devastation 26d3d0a60ef75b265899 e122b9b267749d0b7abc c69e9e6ba15e47b72206

the devastation project is on the way

poo and pow

2012-10-05 19:51:50 by madyellow 09d071cc4c42249bf80b fc2c36977f7b301a8e35 820044139ed78a911817

making shit

2012-09-24 23:31:23 by madyellow

so for 2012 paradigmadness was made. so a sprite of them so i could make an animation which is on thee way

link: 0d6c99d5cacc2a3867c3b470f

big project

2012-08-26 00:21:01 by madyellow

im making a new project this is going to be my start its could madness combat Devastation 1 18%done

and doing a nother thing guys

lets do this

2012-08-08 06:05:13 by madyellow

so this is my 2 account but this time LOL

link 3b0739d7dbdf308dec08 362a8e5e6e46d233d485 e3d19269907138c7f458 cbf3637ed0f446785b72 4625291c90f836469ada