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I have a mac

2013-01-29 01:34:33 by madyellow

I have a mac know i can animate on this mac but i will have to buy micromedia flash

have a look 1b91a3cf894db9aa3d24

collab part 1 done yeaaa know part 2

2013-01-22 19:13:33 by madyellow

DSB 1b91a3cf894db9aa3d24

i have just finished part 1 but know i have to do part 2
ill try to make a post every day because it takes very quick to make a post
part 2 map

im on a collab yay i will try my hardist to lot in the collab
and as well fan all of us when you are watching it

so this is my first i just maid the map and i am about to start anmating. wish me good luck

collab part 1 done yeaaa know part 2

lets upload my DICK

2013-01-19 02:58:50 by madyellow

And remember to fan me as you look at my test

steve def88 8b6e55b8dd2973b6e83esteve

for ljhamm1 [sprites] /a8f70445 5ca6d69bceae599696e0504c 37c4ef075e5aa81b05e4 87c9cb76b7bb1d898db7 95b49d45204543f2d2f3 b91d3d3f6a8afea13ff1 6bf92c06d31369341f04 becd4625bbff471dc50d f0d830dfe99bc5e82638 2873ef6cda5ab93fdc11

lets upload my DICK

the world of pain

2012-12-30 18:57:53 by madyellow
Updated 9b57f7fddcc178741967 1f08f7b9104623c6c41a

i went to melben it was very fun i went to the city and back me getting new brodband so be a little whale me can not speek hadwfhwifahfasgfusahfshfhsafskjfsjfjsfja

but still working on the project
And happy new year to all

the world of pain

be back in a while

2012-12-21 01:21:09 by madyellow

one week i will be back seya soon and happy b day to Bloody-Ice
and BioSoldier the bad ass is back 6f3566a1b2d608ab7051 a5131a9b4f6850b107c1

finished short

2012-12-17 03:22:42 by madyellow

part 1 4 8f9d601a72a27d42f40d

part 2 7 a2dec340e94027de0c42

happy time still working on project

2012-12-14 08:38:27 by madyellow
Updated 9fa49f5545fe92b84b53 how to mask the door thing

kenamii d1ea324 8f9d601a72a27d42f40d

Dchuyv 8c9337 a2dec340e94027de0c42

sprites 87352a12f08748d0e1cf1b73a4a


2012-12-07 20:18:18 by madyellow
Updated ce4e18706092a79a874c 4c69c20a0f39f4e5a5ac

making something specal


the start of a working day for a long time

2012-11-30 07:30:19 by madyellow

2011 2012 2013 to be continue

so now i am ready to do what must be done madness devastaion now its project 9a24e5a37a027d5561ee d453d356b5b995c505bd
im making a new update for MADYELLOWBLOOD hes very spikey

december 3 1998 figer that out !!!!!!!!

you now the quality thing im going to make it spikey as well

the start of a working day for a long time

need more fans

2012-11-25 05:35:39 by madyellow
Updated e53803f447f540cc948c 9abf9ac3232d85e5c0c8 bloody ice is this your walk
and new project <a 9a24e5a37a027d5561ee

december 3 1998 figer that out !!!!!!!!

need more fans