Entry #161

oh hay guys

2014-07-27 11:02:57 by madyellow

so nothing much well i just got my tablet and that takes me one step ferther that means i can start making fbf stuff ill make you guys proud when i upload my first fbf animation and that will take me time to finish ok heres a pic of the tablet :3. well it was like 100$ nothing much of it really but still good to use dont you think when you see the picture



oh and i have a screen shot on what im making right at this moment


and remember im behind you girlz HEHEHEHEHE so watch out HEHEHHE



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2014-07-27 15:25:31

The intuous is the tablet I'm currently using as well, and it's pretty great. I just wish I didn't suck balls at drawing/animating. Since my hand/eye coordination is terrible (drawing on a surface while looking at a screen just doesn't work for me), I kinda want to get a cintiq, but it's wayyy out of my price range.

madyellow responds:

wow you want to get a cintiq there like over $3000


2014-07-28 23:51:39

How old are you man.

madyellow responds:

well i can tell yah this I'm older enough to fuck a girl ok any more questions you would to say >:D HEHEHEHE


2014-07-30 21:43:11

dud, that customized looks great, what is it a test?

madyellow responds:

yes it is a test. max its good to see again its been to long since the last time i saw you. and welcome back