Entry #152

new sprites (girl) HEHEHEHE

2014-07-05 05:14:20 by madyellow

hahah what do we have here MMMM!M!MM!M!M!M!!!!!!!! looks like i made some girl madness sprites fucking sexy ill need to work on the boobs the soft and milky thats how i like em eheheh >:)



yer ill need some sleep because ive had no sleep this week and im feeling very sick i cant think properly and i have bloody shot eyes and i look high from that. cant really speak that much dont even know how im bloody writing this to you guys 

im getting some support with making the frame by frame shit im making some {mc}collab parts for just if im in one so when i just join one i can just give them the fla. lol

yer aah i need sleep lots befor i have a nerves Break down iv had one at school its no fun trust me


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2014-07-05 05:25:17

Want me to fix that boobs ?
Just give me the finished file.

madyellow responds:

ah don't worry I'm fixing them know


2014-07-05 12:19:21

Boobs seem a bit fucked up lol.

madyellow responds:

yer ill fix them don't you worry


2014-07-06 04:16:16

Eugh, why is she bald? D: