Entry #150

when i speak shit comes out

2014-07-02 22:45:20 by madyellow

ok if you look in the forurms/animations youll get to read me craping spelling and such on that what you read from me form 1 hour ago youll mite understand why im not making any projects know if you look at that info thing on the forurms/animations page


lets be stupid

oops! hehehehehehehehe well i leaned something today >:D



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2014-07-03 01:12:15

Um...I have toilet paper

madyellow responds:



2014-07-03 02:16:04

madyellow, words can never explain how much you mean to meyou have made me laugh so hard that litteraly choked we send each other the weirdest photos that we see on our news feed. Sometimes I think to myself "god I miss her" it hurts me so much knowing I can't be there to hug you and hand you a tissue, I remember the times you would tell me upset and tell me by who and I would straight up call them and tell them off, and I will forever still do that, just for you niggs.

You might not always have Luis but baby girl, you ALWAYS have me your my other half, my main everything. You make me smile so much. And I remember the night when you called my dad to take me to the hospital because I overdosed. I could hear you balling your eyes out on the phone I am so sorry I ever did that maryann I never meant to hurt you. But you saved my life, and thank you so much for that turkey down to the deepest part of my body. No, not my vagina, my knees. Wait, that doesn't sound right ✋ umm, down to the deepest part of my heart❤️ yeah, that's better all the school selfies and all the photos we have taken together and all the crap we have talked about side hoes. I miss computer class when me.

Hakan called me stupid and you told him not to be mean to me or every time you went out to eat with us you would say "omg, this is so embarrassing" but it's only because I love you I mean who doesn't wanna be seen with fine o'le me? uhh, I think everyone aha. Gosh, what am I gonna do without you?

madyellow responds:

i don't speak that type of english sorry mate don't know what your saying


2014-07-03 02:59:34

@Pene It's 4:00 AM here, and after reading just 1 line, I fell asleep xD

madyellow responds:



2014-07-03 05:17:25

You know, I think talking to yourself would be so much more fun if you could send messages to you -- you know, like you were having an argument with the voices in your head or something.

madyellow responds:

no i don't talk to me self i have a lovely time talking to girls on sites because I'm so desperate for love LOLZ


2014-07-03 05:18:20

That is not what I asked from you.

madyellow responds:

and i say ?


2014-07-03 05:18:23

That is not what I asked from you.

madyellow responds:

and i say ?


2014-07-03 10:19:50

Woops I posted twice! Woops I posted twice!

:O :O

madyellow responds:

yep i can see that lolz