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i better post….. well something

2015-01-15 14:25:04 by madyellow

i fill like im a fucking cave man because i haven't grown out side for about 5 days i kn0w it's pretty bad one of the other thing is i'm taking some tablets because of low vitamin D deficiency because as i said before i don't go out side that much any more so i had some blood tests done that was not fun but no pain for some reason

and ill talk about madness devastation yeah it's getting there at the start of the animation its very fast and not that very smooth thats what she said but now my level of animating madness combat has gotten alot better so do expect some style changes throughout the animation i have a long way to go and as well i had to cut a scene out in madness devastation because on how shit that was and i'll probably have to make a madness devastation 1.5 and in this one it will show you how this all started if i have a chance to make that because i have other arrangements i want to get more of that stuff done for the doom project that i was working on and that has been going on for about a year wow a hole year fucken gg yellow ;3


on steam ive been going on this group chat with some boring people >:3 hehehe and yeah not telling on what the group chat is ill tell yeah this its very boring im just saying this because i want to any dem by writing this because i think theres one that has an account on ng not telling but butts >:D hahaha. and + = fuck..... and + i had nothing to do k so i made this post and tell you on whats going on and fucking schools back my shity christian school can suck my dick and every one in the school >:(


yeh and sorry if theres any spelling errors because this was a quick post k

by the way i made this like at 6am with about any sleep k

well i have nothing to do

2015-01-14 13:55:10 by madyellow here


2015-01-04 08:18:05 by madyellow


4256963_142037740661_ScreenShot2015-01-04at6.42.51PM.pngwell im sort of getting der i had tah cut out some parts out of dev so its back to 4K

back in fucking action and happy new year

2014-12-31 17:19:37 by madyellow

so happy new year 

4256963_142006429361_gabrielbarsch_madness-happy-new-year-2015.pngthis is made by gabrielbarsch this poster :D

well any way heres a test

and a pic of dev




hell''oh!!!! ;}

2014-12-15 06:21:31 by madyellow

dead from the inside'z but still living >;}

die have some testz for you guyz

well an update to the collab stuff well im just going to make one part because i didn't listen to what you were supposed to make for the collab <:3 sorry guys while i was making the part that was going to be the first part but because it was not what janer wanted i had to start from scratch but lucky for meh i know how to make high tech stuff like these pictures that you see below


finally found my tablet pen it was under my bed yes so i raged a liitle because its taken me over a month to find it so yeah enjoy the testz


NEW test >:D

the shirt has arrived

2014-12-09 00:38:03 by madyellow

HEHEHE i am proud to be a newgrounder
so i ordered a newgrounds t shirt so yeah i'm very fucking happy >8DDDDDDD and as you can see im pulling ather stupid face witch is very necessary for this photo4256963_141820774742_ScreenShot2014-12-10at2.00.11AM.png

1TS MY B1THD4Y!!!11!!!!!!!

i just turned 16'666 teen >:D

herez the picture of a fuck known as madyellow >;}



something called a post >83

2014-11-25 04:47:51 by madyellow

hey all got some very good news for you all. I'm in two madness collabs Vaseline, and jjdaner's. i'm going to make around two for both each collabs so yeah. I'm bizzy k. so that means i won't get that much done with madness devastation. the holidays are coming for me so that means ill have more time animating. and getting more done. my birthdays coming up. as well I've already got some money, 100$. other thing I'm getting is a newgrounds t shirt. now that's fucking awesome. and ive updated the madness combat version of rotoxic. one of my very old characters for way back let's say three years ago. good times. i was going to plan on making anther solo short animation. but because of me joining two collabs well no thats not going to happen now.                                           <;[4256963_141690648723_ScreenShot2014-11-25at7.37.28PM.png 4256963_141690713962_ScreenShot2014-11-25at7.48.32PM.png

one weekz time till my birthday hell yeah


meeeehhh >:}

2014-11-14 00:58:48 by madyellow

##get the body moving grill >:DDDD

alright you guys its time for meh to make a post. ok first thing im going to talk about is madness devastation on how far its at. well its still on the 4000 mark as in its still on 4000'ish frames from the last time i said this back on my previous post. so yeah i'm animating very hard. presides talking about that i would like to say that im still sick sadly but i'm obviously getting better.

nothing more to fucking say

oh and heres a pic of dev


time to post…. stuff

2014-11-05 13:55:53 by madyellow

i've been very sick over the past week. i was vomiting a lot just to saying. i did some animating well i made some tests there is one im not going to show but yeah there shity. I'm still sick don't worry its not ebola or anything like that just a fucking cold <:c. so when i get colds like this one its very hard for me to even sleep.lolz iv been calling myself on steam sickyellow