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Entry #146

scammer at first sight

2014-06-21 12:13:15 by madyellow

there weard shit i made only used tweening


so theres this stupid scammer on skype and basicly the scammer says all the time do you want to do me something like that heres the shit this scammer said to me ahahahaa this is so funny hay hay scammer at first sight HAHAHAHAHA killing this scammer acount was so easy hahaha this guys fuck veryyyyyy funny stuffffff!!!4256963_140336625783_ScreenShot2014-06-22at1.24.32AM.png4256963_140336627951_ScreenShot2014-06-22at1.24.41AM.png


any way lets talk about some things one madness icedent is dead YAY a good great start for madness day 2014 fuck that bloody hell if in that case im going strate to THE DOOM PROJECT making lots of characters befor i make the scene two LOL look at this beta sprites v14256963_140336715253_ScreenShot2014-06-22at1.41.27AM.png


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2014-06-21 12:21:17

Please,use a comma :P

madyellow responds:

nope avi >:D


2014-06-21 12:25:18

And holy shit ya said Amanda from Cali?
That bitch had an acount on NG wich she used to send spam messages,Sam made a post about it some time ago:

madyellow responds:

damm omg


2014-06-21 12:27:41

Stupid spam bots,i fucking hate them >:(

madyellow responds:

yer same here


2014-06-21 12:35:47

The spam bot has return again,We cannot stay down.We will destroy Spam bots.

madyellow responds:

i can call the scammers what ever i want


2014-06-21 13:37:17

so her/his name's Amanda huh? I remember this name from a spam PM...

madyellow responds:

do you well know you know that this scammers back


2014-06-21 14:32:02

Sometimes spam bots can give a laughter.
[6:04:45 PM] Zara MENDOZA: hey baby
[6:05:29 PM] Dawisko: Hey
[6:05:44 PM] Zara MENDOZA: i hope ur not a 13 yr old kid trying to mess with me are u? :D
[6:06:02 PM] Dawisko: Are you serious?
[6:06:17 PM] Zara MENDOZA: good babe, what r u up to? :)
[6:07:10 PM] Dawisko: Checking shit on internet, talking to you and someone else.
[6:07:18 PM] Zara MENDOZA: what's wrong?
[6:07:28 PM] Dawisko: Nothing
[6:07:44 PM] Zara MENDOZA: ohh im on my bed feeling bored and horny. been very horny lately.. idk why. u the same way? :)
[6:08:20 PM] Dawisko: Maybe, why do you ask?
[6:08:33 PM] Zara MENDOZA: what do u like tits or ass?
[6:09:12 PM] Dawisko: Definitedly I like more tits, but I wouldn't mind fine booty.
[6:09:28 PM] Zara MENDOZA: I wanna put these tits on your face and have you suck on them
[6:10:13 PM] Dawisko: A naughty girl you are, aren't you?
[6:10:29 PM] Zara MENDOZA: Are you as naughty as I am?? if so you will be spanked ;)
[6:10:56 PM] Dawisko: You're so sure about that?
[6:11:12 PM] Zara MENDOZA: i have some really nice tits and a tight sexxy pussy.. (inlove) u have a nice dick for me?
[6:11:35 PM] Dawisko: If you will ask me nicely, then I will
[6:11:50 PM] Zara MENDOZA: ohhh youre a badddd boy. we should webcam together, u want to?
[6:12:18 PM] Dawisko: I don't have a webcam, sadly. I never needed it so far.
[6:12:34 PM] Zara MENDOZA: if youre shy u can just watch me, i love being watched it makes me hornier :) r u by yourself though?
[6:12:53 PM] Dawisko: Other than my dog, then of course I am.
[6:13:09 PM] Zara MENDOZA: k first verify your age real quick so i feel safe and then we can skypefuck ok? ;)

Then I stopped chatting with the bitch.

madyellow responds:

hahah LOLLL!!!!!


2014-06-21 14:57:20

Lol this shit is the best

madyellow responds:

yep you can find him on Skype and spam the shit out of the hackers account


2014-06-21 15:31:04

Weird part of social community.

madyellow responds:



2014-06-21 16:42:17

I know...

madyellow responds:

yep lolz


2014-06-21 17:48:09

thanks for the review man!

madyellow responds:

thats was bloody funny good job


2014-06-21 19:52:02

thanks :D

madyellow responds:



2014-06-22 05:33:12

where did you found them? can you give me a link? i want to try to animate 2 with those sprites ;)!

madyellow responds:

THERE MY SPRITES I MADE THEM goddd!!! bloody helll0d[0wepdojsaf0[9pasodbfasopid;fk
maybe when the sprite pack is finished ill pm this guy to yah k


2014-06-22 11:18:38

You're such a good boy Madyellow U3U <3

madyellow responds:

hehehe well really I'm a very bad boy